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What is Conscious School Kids ?

Conscious School Kids is a weekly conscious awareness workout/boot camp session for helping the emotional and mental aspects of young people's health.

We  incorporate a mix of :                            



positive affirmations, circles of trust, and much more ....  

The benefits will include: 

- self confidence

- self expression

- creative intuition

- balanced thoughts

- calmer states of mind

- more patience

- more appreciation

- better communication/social skills

- higher intelligence, happiness, focus, clarity, concentration, peacefulness and so much more.......



Just as it is important to regularly exercise the physical body to aid blood flow, muscles, lungs, heart etc...  

It is equally just as important for our health and well being to exercise the conscious aspects of our physical being (thought patterns/feelings, etc...) as to aid, neurological patterns, emotional senses and their effect on chemical communications/distributions towards the nervous system as a result.  


Internally and systematically this will go on in sequence to benefit Balanced thoughts - balanced emotions - balanced feelings - balanced chemical distribution - balanced nervous system - balanced breathing - balanced blood flow - full balanced bodily constitution - feeling better emotionally - mentally - physically - creating better personal - social - intellectual - habitual results throughout every aspect of their life, both at school and at home.

How will Conscious School Kids help ?

This give young people the tools, knowledge and support to keep them emotionally, mentally balanced throughout their life.


         e are without a doubt living in a world of stimulation, a world obsessed with speed, time, production and an instant need for the next best thing a much more faster, quicker and convenient based society.  

Yes! we do have the many benefits that come with these aspects of modern living and modern technology but we are also gradually beginning to lose the important aspects of human life.


Those elements of us that are necessary for the fundamental harmony of our human nature to stay in flux with all other cycles and systems of life and nature. Things such as real physical communication  and  eye to eye contact.


Enjoying the moment for what it is, patience with time people and situations, appreciation of the simple things in life, stillness of  monkey mind chatter and the self acceptance of who and what we are regardless of what we posses, how we look, what and who we know.


Conscious school kids is a new and fun activity designed to help your child learn more about who they really are and the world (with in) and around them.  
Here they will learn to be still, relax, contemplate their decisions, learn the importance of cause and effect, the conscious benefits of helping and thinking about others around them, the importance of their own unique character and differences and more importantly  those of others round them.
The  natural joy and health based benefits of learning to except, let go and enjoy the moment plus the fun and freedom of self expression!!

Sessions / Packages

We have 3 different session packages to choose from :

No1 Fun foundations = fun, creative art /music based sessions designed especially for nursery children between the ages of 3 and 5 on a once a week basis.
No2 Basic building blocks juniors / primary school programme - this programme consists of a 3 part session programme  as shown down below :

Chill out meditation, Dance expression, observe and reflect.
This session programme will be an 1 hour long session with each set being 2o mins long.

These sessions are held on a once a week basis.

No3 Meditation masters = these sessions are for secondary school pupils. This package comprises of a 6 weekly cycle programme. This programme is designed to be more in-depth and cover a wider scope of exercises and technics. One off 1day / half day workshops which will cover all the above on a one off basis.

This is great as an introduction tool but obviously not as effective as the weekly session programmes.

 Chillax  Meditation

The sit down meditation consists of peaceful ambient music and an easy guided talk to help aid the listener into a relaxed state of calmness and content, allowing them the opportunity to be mindful of their breathing and how its effects the activity of their mind and body. 
By concentrating on  the rhythm of their breath it will help them slow down the mental chatter of their mind and ease over stimulated activity of their energetic nervous system. In doing so creating a more balanced state of mental, emotional and physical bodily environment.  
As a byproduct  (in systematic order)  what will entail is  better breathing  – neutral blood flow –  calmer mind –   better nervous system –  emotional balance –  a steadier  biological systemstronger immune system. 
Basically  creating  a more  harmonious  state of  full mental, emotional and physical equilibrium.

 Dance expression

Intuitive / Freestyle movements
The Dance expression will follow on from the sit down meditation. As the sit down meditation comes to an end, the music will gradually begin to change from what was a calm, ambient atmosphere into a more stimulated soundscape of stronger, faster and more progressive beats. Allowing the listener to move naturally and intuitively from their current space of calm and stillness to that of more sense activated and innate feeling of inner/outer expression to gracefully unfold.  
In doing so elevating any pent up emotion and excess nervous energy to dissipate through the medicinal process of non conformed enjoyable bodily movements and neuro physical releasement.
This part of the session is entirely free from routine as we encourage the kids to freely explore their own individual comfort zones and limitations regarding movement expression.
We want them to enjoy discovering their own self boundaries.
This type of non conformed group dance activity will also allow your child the life enhancing benefit of letting go of their inhibitions at the same time as many others around them giving them the chance to be, feel and express themselves completely  void of any sense of self embarrassment and self consciousness as all others involved will themselves also be part of the same activity.
 Allowing them all the chance to be real to themselves and giving others around them the space and a sense of self permission to do just the same.  Allowing all involved to learn to respect the importance of self expression and the importance to feel the need to be their own unique self. Creating within them selves the freedom and space to let all that does not serve them be released through a fun great, healthy and positive creative activity.
and Reflect
Once again continuing from the last part of the activity, the music will gradually slow down in tempo allowing those involved to wind down and start to take reflection from their now hyper sensitive state of feeling.
Now that they are in a focused, Reflective intuitive and sense awareness state of mind they will begin to feel more in tune with their surroundings and sense responses to and with all inside and outside phenomena. They will be more alert to the magic of the moment be, it sight, sound, feel smell or touch this in turn will help them feel, appreciate and fully comprehend the importance and life enhancing quality  of  self  awareness.
Helping them to give their full attention to what ever the presence of the moment may bring. Helping their minds, their feelings and their entire being  become more intuitively responsive and content to live, respond, work and play more in alignment with the moment at hand. Helping with their state of awareness and consideration of others. Their sense of empathy and thoughtfulness for all others within their presence and most of all their self.  
For it is with the self all happiness must start. Only then can external happiness be expressed for all to receive and so on... 
Positive reflection, from one becomes positive attraction for another. Then they go on to feel, express and share much of the same until all interaction becomes positive interaction /positive inspiration (inspired to inspire inspiration).


 When more, if not all children are given the opportunity to be themselves and allow themselves the freedom to express their individuality and uniqueness there would be less need for them to affiliate themselves towards the general mindset of a pack mentality.

This in turn will create less fear, less devision, less judgment and less cruelty. There would be less chance of bullying as their will be less group thought. No need to dress, be or act a certain way etc… to keep others happy through fear of not fitting in. Less fear based decisions allowing for true natural individual self enhancing growth to occur resulting in a deeper sense of freedom, choice and happiness.
More natural and intuitively systematic actions to occur through all for the all.  More creativity, more avenues of opportunity, more acceptance, more self responsibility, more respect, more chances of real friendship and true inspiration, more community spirit.
All in all a complete turn around of all things negative in social activity, lifestyle and culture eventually benefiting the whole, individually, socially and collectively.
Small Heading


Prices :
-After school club/lunch time sessions, £7 per child per hour   
-Full day £150 for one day package includes 3-4 sessions (depending on your timetable).
- Half day £80 includes 2 sessions
Other/Bespoke options are available on request.
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If you are interested in having Conscious School Kids classes at your  school please feel free to contact us. All our instructors are DBS approved.

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