Shirodhara Therapy

Ayurvedic - Forehead Oil flow treatment 

Stress is something everyone feels at times and certainly One of the most common condition seen now-a-days. Stress often lid to a wide range of other conditions e.g. stress related hypertension, stress related digestive problems, stress related skin disorder, stress related insomnia etc...

What about a treatment where therapists can actually put their clients to sleep without touching them?

Can there be a short treatment of perhaps 30-45 minutes that would help to show results of 8-10 hours of deep sleep?

And at the end of the treatment the client feels not only relaxed but rejuvenated with a clear mind to be able to focus well? 

This is very much possible with the Ayurvedic therapy called Shirodhara

  • Shiro mean Head

  • Dhara means to flow

Oil is poured over the forehead across the third eye in a continuous stream using a special rhythmic swaying movement. As this area has a large number of nerve endings and therefore is highly sensitive. Vibrations are created on the forehead by the pressure of the oil.

The oil penetrates into the nervous system after saturating the forehead and scalp. The oils used in this procedure improve blood circulation to the brain by vasodilating (opening blood vessels) all the channels. It also helps to reduce the level of stress hormones like adrenaline and nor adrenaline and therefore provides respite from anxiety and related disorders.

When a Shirodhara treatment is given, it affects all the points mentioned below:

  • It regulates the hormonal system by working on the Chakras.

  • It helps to soothe the nervous system.

  • It helps to strengthen the immunes system by inducing a state of deep meditation and relaxation and hence encourages endorphin production in the body.

  • Its effective for mental tension, anxiety, insomnia, headache, blood pressure

  • And lastly the continuous pouring of oil gives a sense of deep relaxation.

In addition to relieving disorders, it also has an added effect of awakening the third eye, invigorating the physical system and the mind and stimulating the cognitive memory.

How To Prepare For A Shirodhara Appointment


When scheduling an appointment for Shirodhara, keep in mind that you may need additional rest following the treatment.

Shirodhara cleanses the mind and senses.


Make use of this time and avoid unnecessary stimulation after your treatment. Avoid large crowds like concerts, restaurants, bars and large gatherings. Instead make the remainder of your day peaceful. This is your time for mental rest.


Eat lightly before your appointment.

Shirodhara has an effect on the digestive system and a full stomach is not advised.

Your hair will be saturated with oil.


Dress appropriately and comfortably. Wear an old shirt or something you don’t mind getting oil on.


It is advised to leave the oil in your hair for at least a few hours following the treatment. 

Prepare to cover your head following the treatment.

Please Bring an old warm hat, scarf, towel ... again something you don’t mind getting oil on. An old scarf works well to cover the head and hair in warmer weather. A plastic shower cap also works well.


£60, 45min Session 

Booking before hand is required.

To book please contact Cecile on

Why Is The Shirodhara Oil Poured Onto The Forehead?

The oil is poured onto the forehead and head since this is the only part of the body that has numerous sensitive nerve endings or vital points that are directly connected to the brain. According to several spiritual texts, the centre of the forehead is said to be the ‘third eye’, which is connected to the pineal gland via several blood vessels and capillaries.

 As the oil drips, it is like a meditation-like effect, which is a consequence of stillness of mind leading to the adaptive response to the basal stress. The oil infiltrates into the nervous system after dousing the forehead and scalp. The entire procedure empowers the mind and body to experience a state of deep rest, similar to the state, a person attains right after meditation.