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Yogi Louise C

Louise’s intention is to introduce and guide students through the practice of vinyasa yoga. A practice that promotes mind body connection through breath and movement to help one let go of our reactive tendencies, become more self-aware and create space in our busy lives. With the ultimately goal of becoming a kinder, more compassionate and happier being.

A keen triathlete she likes to use both her yoga and competitive endurance sport to play with her edge, to challenge her mental and physical limits and create more balance in the body.


Her classes are invigorating, combining conscious breath with movement and open to all levels of practitioner.


Vinyasa Yoga
A fast paced and invigorating class where students will combine conscious breath with movement. Open to all levels of practitioner but some experience of yoga is beneficial. Students will be guided through a sequence incorporating: breath, bandha, drishti, surya namaskar (sun salutations), standing, forward bending, back bending, twists, inversion, mediation and relaxation.

Cost: £10/session drop in
Payment in cash or bank transfer


6.15pm - 7.15 pm

Vinyasa Yoga

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Yogi Corinne

Corinne aspires to help people to feel better in mind and body and to move with more ease and grace, both on the yoga mat and in life generally. She teaches a mindful, flowing style of yoga with an emphasis on moving with the breath, taking an exploratory approach to develop awareness of body and mind. Corinne’s classes help you to build strength and improve mobility in a balanced way, as well as finding more calm, clarity and focus in your life. Her teaching is also influenced by her training in pilates and the precision and grace of this method and she provides a learning environment that is accessible to beginners as well as the more experienced practitioner. Having taught yoga since 2012 she loves to continue learning and developing skills, most recently completing an additional 300 hours of advanced yoga teacher training with Jason Crandell. 


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10am - 11.15 am

Vinyasa flow


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10 am - 11.15 am

Hatha Yoga

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Yogi Lindi

Lindi has a passion for yoga and teaching its discipline. She has been a dedicated yogi for 30 years and trained with Friends of Yoga International Society (FRYOG), completing a 200-hours Hatha teacher training over two years (2014). To further her knowledge, she completed a 100-hour Anusara Immersion course in Ubud, Bali with the Bridget Woods Kramer School of Yoga (Yoga Alliance) in 2017. And, she is continually being inspired by international teachers by attending workshops and training days run by the
British Wheel of Yoga, Triyoga, London and other established bodies.
She brings a wealth of knowledge of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation and relaxation to her classes. Her approach isn’t about getting into the most dynamic looking pose, but accepting and enjoying where you are in the posture now, feeling the body lengthen and stretch, and finding a calmness inside you. In her class, she teaches people of all ages and flexibilities as everyone practices at their own level. The poses can be adapted to be more challenging for an established yogi and gentler for a beginner.

Cost: £10/session drop in
          £45 if you book 5 (valid 5 months)
          £80 if you book 10 (valid 5 months)
          Cash, cheque and bank transfer accepted


Yogi Palka

Strengthen Your Foundation Vinyasa Yoga 4-week Course from 6th August - 27th August

Thursdays, 5:30-6:45pm GMT via Zoom & at Positivity Centre in Burnham (spaces limited to 6 students)


Reinforce your yoga practice with this foundation class to help you strengthen those parts of the body that we forget about during our practice!  This course is suitable for beginners with options given for more experienced students.  We will work on isolating engagement in the glutes, legs, abdomen and scapular range within the shoulders. This will help create more stability not only in your yoga practice but also in your posture and every day movement habits.  We will learn how to move the body consciously while also feeling like you have done work.  We will try to increase your range of motion as well as call on strength in muscles that you may not use often. We will build our practice from starting slow to engage those neglected muscles and work with options to take some of the postures to the next level. Each class will end with a guided relaxation. 


Class 1 – Stabilizing Glutes and Legs

Class 2 – Firing Up Abdomen Muscles & Building from class 1

Class 3 – Engaging the Shoulders and Arms & Building from class 2

Class 4 – Integrating All of the Above



5.30pm - 6.45 pm

4 weeks Vinyasa

Yoga Course


Please keep in mind all our bodies are different and yoga is an all-inclusive practice so all are welcome no matter our limitations.  We will make sure to have some fun together while promoting a healthy body, mind and soul. If you are working with any bodily limitations, please do let me know in advance so we can make sure you have the best props and variations available for you during your practice.


The in-person course will be £41 payable in advance as spaces are limited. 

The online course will be £35 or £9 drop in.


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“What you think, you become.” -Buddha

  7pm - 8.15pm

Sivananda Yoga 


Yogi Marisa

Every Thursday from 7pm-8.15pm 

Sivananda Yoga is a classical and holistic approach to Hatha Yoga that stretches and tones the whole body.  It is a complete healing system designed to help the body maintain a natural healthy state, maintaining the vitality of the body, slowing the decaying process and reduces the chance of disease by simply and naturally cultivating the body.

It is a yoga class that involves frequent relaxation for the mind and body as well as mastering the yogic breathing techniques. The Sivananda practice establishes balance in the body and secures mental poise through its designed series of asanas (yoga Postures).

Your Teacher

Marisa has a natural ability and flair, warm and calm nature about her that just lifts the soul. She was awarded the name “Anandi “while doing her training in Kerala, India which means “Happiness & Bliss” and she sure does leave a smile on your face after meeting her.  She has practiced Yoga for the last 7 years and is also a colour Practitioner, life coach and spiritual healer. Being a yoga teacher of Sivananda Yoga symbolises world peace and she is happy to teach you the teachings of what she has learnt so we can sustain to live all together in a peaceful world.

Do not put off what you can do today till tomorrow, embrace the now and try something new, your body and mind with thank you.

“An ounce of practice is worth tons of theory”: - Swami Sivananda

All levels welcome

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Cost: £10 / Drop in Session       Payment in Cash or bank Transfer

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Phone: +44(0)7860760150

Yogi Jihan

Mindful yoga allows us to bring more focus into the present moment and immerse ourselves in pure conscious awareness. Fusing movement of the body with the rhythm of the breath we shift into an internal space of calm and stillness; this brings more clarity to our lives and fills us up with a sense of gratitude and fulfilment.
Blending a variety of :


-YOGA approaches to offer powerful asanas that build strength and flexibility,
-PRANAYAMA to invigorate and heal while bringing you fully into the NOW and
-MEDITATION to deepen and strengthen your connection to your true, intuitive self.


Jihan is a wonderfully insightful teacher whose approach is influenced by her background in counselling and holistic healing, as well as her enthusiasm and love for life. Her experience stretches back 15 years allowing her to bring a wealth of wisdom to help you where ever you are on your journey.


Create space and get a break from your mind chatter, usually based in fear. Cultivate an internal stillness and serenity.
First class is free, no need to book, no experience necessary


12.45 pm - 2 pm

Mindful Yoga

4 Weeks Course from Friday 9th Oct

  7pm - 8pm

Aerial Yoga Nidra


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Yogi Paola

Every Friday from 7pm-8pm

Investment  £12

Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physics, mental and emotional relaxation.

You will be gently guided through a state of deep relaxation, allowing your body to fully rest and restore while being held weightless in a soft fabric hammock, creating a cocoon like feeling, creating space in the body without compression of the joints and spine.


One hour of Aerial Yoga Nidra equates to four hours of normal sleep so the end you will feel rested and restored. 


Wear comfortable warm clothing and bring any pillow and blankets so you are completely comfortable.

Booking essential only 8 spaces

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