Buddha Boot Camps

 Holistic Bootcamp Programme  

Exercising mental emotional systematic energy balance 

What Are Buddha Boot Camps

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Buddha Boot Camps are for the emotions, thoughts and feelings like the gym is to general fitness and muscle tone.

Just as we use the gym to exercise our physical bodies / physical health, Buddha Boot Camps is also for exercising our energy body / emotional and mental health.

What does Buddha Boot Camp involve

Buddha Boot Camps sessions comprise of a series of simple and easy to do energy based exercises. These sessions are laid out in a specific sequence that  are ranged in a systematic fashion beginning with the most subtle of exercises all the way through to the most stimulated.   


Session Programme:  

Buddha Boot Camp Gym

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Why  Are  Buddha Boot Camps is so necessary

Buddha Boot Camps are very much aware of the necessity to keep the emotional, mental and conscious energy of the body  in a stable harmonious condition as to help peoples health and well being on multiple levels, considering that when stripping the physical body back to its true element we are entering into the world of physics, and this consists of sound, vibration, frequency and the movement of it there of. These energetic building blocks that make up the physical body are called (platonic solids)  geometrical formations of electromagnetic frequency vibrations. As this is the case it is simply fundamental that we understand the dynamics of conscious energy activity how it works and how to keep working with it as efficiently as possible as to help keep the bodies energy harmonics  in full energetic equilibrium.

How often do we need to do these exercises

We should really do these exercises as often as possible, as to keep our emotional, mental and conscious energy in constant balance.

For it is these very elements of the living, breathing, human bodily system that control our everyday lives, everyday we come into contact with other energetic conscious beings who also have bodies that are comprised off the same vibrational building blocks that make up physical life. Therefor on a vibrational energetic level all interactions have an effect on the our own conscious energy body (electromagnetic biofield) thus changing the molecular resonance of our very being at all times. Buddha Boot Camps intention is to help you keep up these important exercises on a once a week basis.  

What makes Buddha Boot Camps

different to any others

Buddha Boot Camps are fully aware that each and every individual has a built in self managing cellular response system of intelligence design which has the necessary function of allowing us through direct conscious thought and communication to literally direct our bodies own intuitive self healing modalities response mechanisms such as breathing, vocal, sound, tones and movement to manipulate the energetic distribution and function regulation of our bodies very own electromagnetic energy flow.

By doing so forever reharmonising the frequency of our bodies constitution. So it is our intention to help people as individual's find their own intuitive response mechanisms as essential. We each have an entirely different composition of energetic patterning and frequency harmonics, so it makes perfect sense that rather than us all following the same protocol of exercises we all learn to become aware of and feel our bodies own sense of  vocal sound,  breath and intuitive movements in accordance with our own unique biofield.  

Benefits of  Buddha Boot Camps

Just like in any other gym, the aim of Conscious Spa is to regularly exercise through weekly management  the bodies natural, emotional and mental biofield resonance energy systems. It is these aspects of our being that even though unseen, do still very much exist and operate our every day bodily functions. 

This conscious field of electromagnetic energy affects our every thought, mood, and emotion. Therefor it is highly important due to the energetic dynamics of this systematically interconnected source, that we begin to help our selves become more intuitively and  sensually aware of it! 

Monitor it and in doing so regulate it as best and as efficiently as we can. With this in mind, Buddha Boot Camps Gym is a coaching process that basically helps guide people through simple but highly effective formats that eventually allow each individual to smoothly integrate themselves into their own process of intuitive  energy  management.



Each individual will end up finding their own intuitive system. With breath, vocal sound, resonance, stillness, visual/sensual observation and movement it allows for a wide range of things to occur and unfold such as being able to release pent up emotions, repressed fears and unnecessary anxiousness.  

It also allows us the space and acceptance of our own unique individual state of perfection and how we equally add to the whole. We feel less fear about being and expressing our intuitive selves, and purely by doing so by giving our bodies the chance to release, let go, have momentum and express we allow energetic impulses and intuitive information and a true sense of our self confidence to move through us unrestricted creating a free flow of energy system dynamics within our bodies.  

This will prevent the many mental and physical byproducts of energetic manifestations occuring within us such as (bio resonance, blockages (dis-harmony -  dis ease)  as well as outside disturbances such as biofield resonance  matching  (electro magnetic attraction of like minded matching  vibrational formats / structures)  etc...