Positivity Party

Healthy Clubbing Experience


Positivity Party is a wonderful, exciting, positive, sober, free spirit, full of love, holistic conscious clubbing experience. 


We want to bring the joy of dance, music and conscious community atmosphere together united under one roof.Heavy beats, euphoric rhythms, bliss, happy positive vibes, glow in the dark yoga / event, healing, healthy vegan treats, lucid light machine room ( euphoric trance state technology) free hugs!!!!! Herbal tea heaven, invigorating juice smoothy bar, glow in the dark henna / tribal futuristic face paint artist, and more.........


Enjoy the wonderful contrast of a large medieval gothic ex-church building with a contemporary glow in the dark, cool clubbing atmosphere of like minded beautiful free expressive consciously aware souls.


We want to bring the vibe and spirit of the London new age, holistic, conscious community here to our rural county doorsteps. We need to create something special, something wonderful, something close, something local, something positive, healthy and invigorating for our souls. All we need to have a good time is us, our inner spirit our free soul creative expression dance and good music!

Included in the entrance price :

(£ 20)

DJ / Dance floor

 Lucid (hypnotic) light room

hypnotic trance state experience

 Glow in the Dark Yoga!

 Gong Sound Bath


 Face Painting

Not Included in entrance price

Juice Bar


Cafe/Chill out Tea room

Vegan Snacks