Vocal Meditation 

Sounds, Tones & Shout lets it all out!!

Medicinal  mouthpiece

As we are all aware, voices have been used to express people emotions since humankind began to use their voice. When we are scared we scream in shock, when we get angry we raise our voice and shout, when we get upset we cry, weep and wail. So it would be of no surprise to know that the voice has is and will always be used as one of the prime aspects of emotional releasement. It is with this understanding that we would like to say that no longer do you need to wait until things build up to such a degree that you need to release your emotions in such ways.   

Corporate Spa Voice Coaching   (bodily attunement)

Corporate Spa Camps have just what is necessary! To turn you team into the best opera-tional greats. We have all the right vocal exercises to help your team scream! Their way to good harmonic health. We will help each individual learn how to tune their body through their voice just as a musician tunes their instrument to make sure they get the best potential possible out of it. We understand that just as an instrument needs to be tweaked and manipulated to produce a clear harmonic state of perfect working order so too does the human body. Its an instrument of vibrational resonance that also needs to be tweaked now and then to help it operate more efficiently and harmonically, as for it to last as long and as productively as possible.