Mindfullness Meditation

Mindfulness is all about being in the moment, being In the moment is creating space and with space comes freedom 






For when somebody has their attention fixed on this moment, they have no thoughts directed on anything else. All of their attention is forced directly upon what ever they are doing within that moment. They are 100 percent dedicated to what ever the situation subject/project that is taking place in the here and now.


They have less chance of their mind and attention wandering off into daydreams and thoughts about what they are going to do in the evening etc...

Random thoughts about this and that, waste so much time, effort and energy. Thoughts about what could of been, regrets about what they have done wrong or how they could of done this or that better. Fears and anxieties of the future. Will this be ok, will it work...

Mindfulness is the art of living in the moment of letting go! Not thinking about the past or the future, of being fully present with what IS right now. This is a great exercise to learn getting accustomed too.

Lots and lots of thoughts draw so much of our energy away from just enjoying and being productive in the moment. Lots of people spend most of their time, day dreaming or wondering about their dreams rather than simply putting their attention into the process of actually doing. 

At work for example rather than having their thoughts solely on what they should be concentrating on, they may have their thoughts racing through a wide range of negative internal data such as relationship problems,  social issues, debts, potential oncoming event, anxieties and fears etc...


They not only are wasting productive working time, they are also creating opportunities of further negative thought patterns from occurring, as this is the nature of idle thought.  

It links up with a whole load of other thought branches that resinate within the same state of emotional energy. So before you know it, a whole ten years worth of negative thought patterns and memories have all been sparked off and activated bringing to attention a whole host of other thoughts that were not previously thought of.  


This is what is known in the psychological world as NEUROLOGY.

Magnetic thought patterns, branches. It is very easy for the mind to get taken away on a journey through the neural thought / memory bank, and is hard to subdue once it has gathered momentum. This wastes lots of time and attention which could be being used for more productive means. Also negative thought patterns can and will (as previously said) trigger off many old neural pain memories which hold the memory of the feelings. This can and does create a resurgence of those same painful feelings. 

These feelings once again create a feeling of low vibrational states which in turn create stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. Which as a result create a further waste of time, energy and production. Those feelings within the body also create stress which then adds towards potential illness.

As a byproduct of a low immune system, illness also creates lots of sick days and absences. So much time, money, joy and potential is wasted due to wandering minds. So as you can see, the process of mindfulness is a very relevant and important one for all people.

Conscious Spa's  minds cape experience

But never MIND! Because we at Conscious Spa Camps have the perfect solutions in MIND!  

We are mindFULL of  what needs to be done when where and  how ! We have the perfect place the right environment and the most productive accessible tool to get the job done. NATURE

The visible elements of nature are the perfect source of outside stimuli that will allow those involved to reflect inwardly by mindfully reflecting outwardly. This practice of visual mindfulness mixed with the defined beauty essence and atmosphere of nature will help enhance their momentary perception into one of aw and wonderment in doing so helping taking their plateau of thought into a higher more clarified state of awareness  this  element of our practice  will  give your team the  perfect space  freedom and insights to  help them  further  in learning to remember  their own clear headed focused state of mindfulness.