Breathing Meditation (destress through breath)

Moving or removing the  sensation of mental emotional and physical feelings through the manipulation and sensual direction of breath

prana            chi             ruach

The power of breath therapy

The power of breath is amazing! It has the ability to act in multiple ways in which to serve the whole bodily system. It is the overriding center of all activity. It has the ability to keep the heart in regulation, the blood in constant flow, effects our thoughts, our emotions, our nervous system and so much more.  

The effects of breath on mind

Breath for the mind is like the sea to a river : very cleansing. Breath within the thoughts acts as a filtration system keeping the clarity of the thought still in hold but diffusing it from heavier neural pathway attachments.  


You could say the breath acts as a very fine but subtle sphere like barrier that can keep a particular thought still and in place for further assessment. Then the mind is able to do so from a clearer state of position.

Like static it is kept safely wrapped within this sphere of frosted like mist that allows it to be momentarily out of sight within the minds eye.  

It is when directed to the thinking mind a powerful light mist, that somehow manages to create forests of space  to form around the thoughts breaking them up the more you allow the mist to settle in .



















A thick foggy head can begin to clear into a fine mist in which thoughts can eventually disintegrate   and fall apart. The breath carries within it light in fact it is light, energetic light.

A complex but simple light source that is atomic in structure but very etheric, soft and again light in nature.  


This atomic nectar which is a natural form of life force energy almost has a forceful manipulation on how it has the ability to surround infiltrate and disperse this energetic construct of thought.  

For breath is movement and movement is vibration. It is this force of vibrational energy that has the power to caress, push and put force on other elements of energy.  

This movement of breath, caresses and manipulates the neural senses into a state of isolated neutrality not destroying thoughts but taking away their dominent force of neural magnetic pressure.

It manages to somehow slip between the neural activaters and reveivers nullifying the actvity of the neural pathways. Lessoning the information byways as to allow for a brief standstill of neural traffic,   putting on the red lights long enough for the neural paths to literally lose communication with each other for a while. By doing so this breaks the train of thought.  

This is a great relief of pressure for the mind and body for to much neural communication can use lots of your body energy resources.





After all the mind is an operational part of what is ultimately an organic machine. By using up so much energy through over excessive thinking, you will find you become more tired, less grounded, less content in the feeling of the moment as your feelings are being over ridden by your thoughts.  





















As a result your mental awareness will pull you out of your bodies heavier state of grounded (magnetically pulled down) stillness. Even dumbed down states of heavy like relaxation and pull your awareness way too much into the manic neural pathways of repetitive thoughts.  

This in most cases is not a great place to reside as most people thoughts are way to idle and disharmonious in nature. It is very easy to get pulled down a multitude of neural highways that are linked to a vast catalogue of previous thought structures witch all thrive of the same emotional blueprint. One negative thought will lay host to a whole load of other interconnected negative emotional thought paths.





By being in a negative or irritable disharmonious mindset, your thoughts activate various emotional feelings which themselves go onto effect your chemical distributions. This can lead onto physical defects within your nervous system of which then goes onto effect your organs and so on the disharmonic systematic knock on effect goes.  

When this becomes an everyday cycle there is the high possibility of dis-ease and the break down of the body immune system. So it is absolutely vital to your health mentally emotionally and 

physically that you begin using your breath in a way that it is designed to use as for you to keep your whole bodily constitution in a state of full energetic  equilibrium.











Breathing therapy is a great tool to use in the office environment as it has the potential to calm down the mind of sporadic thoughts that arise through work related stress, pressure and even the usual office favourite of over consumption of caffeine based stimulants that are regular consumed for the sake of keeping up mental and physical stimulation.

These easy, effective and brief breathing exercises help to dramatically ease the effects of what stress and fatigue can have on the mechanics of the nervous system.

These breathing exercises have the ability to help with a wide range of different aspects from stress, fatigue, focused intention, confidence, voice control and a whole lot more. Its simply a case of applying the different breathing formations to match the intention you wish to bring awareness to or if necessary take awareness away from unwanted situations thoughts and feelings.


All in all breath is a voyager, an accompaniment, a support, a barrier, a carrier, a bio chemical manipulation device a very diverse tool to allow yourself the benefits of working with.

The beauty of breath for such times as the work place is it is not dependent on the applicants in having to take precious work time to go into deep eyes closed meditation. It's simply is a degree of meditation in itself, as it is something we do quite naturally, unconsciously on a daily basis.

The only difference being is it is to become made aware of and to use this concentrated breathing awareness to calm the body mind and soul to such a degree you achieve a stable, healthy, fluid and harmonic mindset that goes onto to effect your everyday daily routines in a peaceful and positive way.     

Benifit of group breathing

What are the benefits of group breathing exercises?  


Corporate Spa group breath work like all other group related activity has so much more of a guiding force behind it and this powerful force is group thought, expectation, anticipation etc... (group consciousness)  


It is these perceptual feelings that when thought of within a group environment amplify the overall atmosphere ( atom, sphere, space - collective conscious electromagnetic field).

By doing so each and everybody own perception help strengthen, support, build upon and reinforce  the energetic conscious activity / perceptions of everybody else within the group creating  what is essentially  a conscious circuit loop activity of energy field frequency constructions.

Again self sustaining and self perpetuating the whole group atmosphere.

When it comes to breathing exercises atmosphere is essential  trans-mirroring / matching those around you is a very real and very natural process that occurs in most group related exercises its a herd mentality thing. In a silent environment with only the breathing pattern of others around you to here a process of mimicking and breath correlation begins to unfold until eventually all those present magnetically align in accordance with each other again through the vibrational atmosphere of group dynamics.

The brain picks up on all surrounding phenomena and begins to energetically merge and fall in synch with it, it becomes a process of association. Each and every person within the group keep each other within a repetitive cycle of breathing regulation  through a sort of subconscious communicative orchestration.