Expressive Dance 

(Letting go, Being spontaneous, Moving freely)

Just like in the office or in the work place a dance filled atmosphere is a perfect opportunity to allow all involved to express their best moves, their best qualities while also allowing others the space, freedom and room to do the same.  Giving all the chance to create a perfect orchestration of events. Except in this room all become intuitive directors that manage themselves and help build the best most positive infective moral for their company (surrounding collegues)

We were born to dance


Life is in a perpetual state of motion in process, all creation is movement, the cosmic dance! Dance is the creative Art of life : it is movement, it is vibration, it is freedom, it is the expressive movement of intuitive based feelings. Feelings that need to be transformed, feeling that need to be given the space to move freely, feelings that need to find an exit, an escape route as medicinally and as positively as possible!

The Universal Choreographer

( celestial , neural and biochemical  science of movement )

Absolutely all life is in a constant state of fluid motion. A perpetual motion of vibratory movements. All life wether it be perceived as still or not is in a constant flux of momentum. Every aspect of the universe including all physical aspects of reality, static objects, humans we are all made up of atomic particles and these particles vibrate at different frequencies on a constant basis.

(macro - movement of solar systems)
(micro- movement of cellular boilogy)

Our thoughts generate movement within the molecular chemistry of our brains. This then send electro energetic signals to our nervous system witch ignites various feelings. Depending on the particular thoughts we have chosen to think we may either feel negative feelings or positive feelings such as anger, anxiety, excitement  etc...  

These feelings produce adrenaline in us that builds up and tries to find ways of ex(it)pressing itself.  

This expression needs to find a way to release other wise it will create what we call nervous energy, fidgets, restlessness.

This over production of excess energy will stay within the electrical nervous system and create an override or blockage witch will either create dense spots of low frequency that create dis-harmony / dis-imbalance and dis-ease or it will build up and release itself in an uncontrolled involuntary manner such as aggression or stress, related behaviours unless released in a more positive direction such as exercise or DANCE.

The benefit of dancing

We also understand the great benefits of movement and dance as a moment which allows us to let go, release tension, forget about all our worries, questions, trials and tribulations. 

When listening to music, we are put directly into the magic of the moment. It is in this space that the vibration of the music goes where it is supposed to, regarding the alternative networking systems of our body, be it physically, mentally and emotionally.

It has the power to shift old stagnant energy within our blood stream, our nervous system, our neural pathology and much much more. Simply by the force of vibrational force as well as emitting the frequency of  the many different levels of sound that help produce or increase vital chemical reactions within our body make up as to allow us to retune our entire being.

Moving is the bodies way of increasing, accelerating and transporting all these many different forms and structures of energy and vibration around our entire living, breathing an working system.
Light, sound, movement, vibration, frequency, electromagnetic, geometry, cymatics, energy matter are all without a doubt the key ingredients and elements that are behind the essence and mechanics of all life and are the predecessors and predetermination that come before any physical element of life. Without these prior elements being around, we would not have any form of physicality to work within the first place so it is vitally important to understand that in order to have physical health and happiness we first need to address and harmonise the energetic qualities of ourself. 
Those elements of us that are the underlying format behind all that you currently know, see and experience as physical being.