Subconscious Survival 

(Outdoor group camping experience)

Conscious Spa Camps is happy to welcome you to our team camping experience in which all team members will be asked to work together throughout the weekend in what may seem to be easy take in your stride activities but as tv celebrities shows clearly indicate it can be more harder than we like to think. We will be making sure everyone gets the chance to use cooperation thoughtfulness and subconscious intuition to act in consideration and awareness of the needs of not only self survival but also that of others around them. It will be a camping experience enriched with holistic based concepts and ideologies as for all to learn the importance of working together in a team atmosphere.

This element of our team building experiences will be hosted by our very own subconscious survival expert Mr Rob Shaw.

Rob has a wide wealth of experience in helping those with mental and emotional instabilities to find self peace and purpose through the simple but effective attributes that comes with living, working outside in what is basically our true state of being (nature) and has spent many a years of living in the elements and appreciating the insights that are obtained by regularly experiencing the secludedness of nature and having to fall in synch with the cycles of that which nature seems to offer not being ruled by time and the general day to day routines that simply take up an consume much of our daily and quality time.


The outside world of nature can surprisingly open us all up to a deeper more connected part of ourselves that enable us to think, act and live more on accordance with the nature of present moment. This weekend will comprise of such team associated activities such as collecting wood , preparing food , and learning the art of skilful fishing activities and the simplicity of observance in doing so. their will most certainly be a joyful element of the experience as in all camping inspired scenarios such as fireside, stories acoustic entertainment, group singalong and the deep sense of becoming not only one with that of nature but with fellow team mates with regular heart to heart discussions that can only be the result of that deep introspective feeling that only nighttime stargazing can induce with many a soul.