emotional & mental welfare tools

At Conscious Spa Camps we understand that corporate life can be stressful anxious and mentally tiring .

We also know that due to financial cutbacks in recent history, that many companies have had to resort to cutting down on the amount of people they employ. Due to these cutbacks those who they have kept on are having to take on the extra work and responsibilities.
This without a doubt will cause a tremendous amount of stress, fatigue and general anxieties. This stress may also cause friction in the workplace which will in turn create a very disharmonic unwelcoming atmosphere that does not create the right environment for a good corporative team workforce.
With this in mind Conscious Spa Camps creates the perfect team building atmosphere. We make it our aim to help create a great group relationship experience and to really get the group harmonics into a place of trust comradeship and more.
We use simple but effective group trust circle activities to help all those involved, see the vulnerabilities and the real natural similarities that we all hold.
By incorporating the natural and integrative science of heart math therapy, we help people connect on a deep empathic level which will help create the feeling of understanding compassion friendship in a way that they would not of felt before.
We open them up to a part of their emotional brain that will allow them to connect with their fellow workers in a deeper more functional harmonious state of being helping them literally vibrate on the same page.

The tuning forks above  symbolise the intergrative , vibrational  effects and frequencies that naturaly occur between the biofield /energy field  of all living beings. 

We help them understand the importance of giving each other respect and again (trust) and understanding. We help them see each other through each others perceptions thought processes and professional understandings.
We believe this process is important and that by doing so they as individuals and a group recognise that they all have their role to play and that nothing is ever personal and that they all have personal lives that will can and does effect the person they may be or be perceived to be in the work place.
Its all about helping them as a team become mindful and aware of each other as emotional personalities and how better it is to work harmoniously with these concepts in mind.
We also like to help break down barriers of confidence and self empowerment trough various group activities that will enable all group participants to let go relax and enjoy allowing themselves to be free to express themselves in a fun and invigorating way.