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We begin the session with a group circle in which all participants sit down and hold hands. The reason for this is that touch is a very powerful tool for creating emotional resonance compassion and feelings of connectedness.  


We will enhances these feeling of compassion and connectedness with positive, emotionally charged music to help build up an emotional atmosphere of good vibes, positivity, happiness and fellowship. This atmosphere of close group dynamics will instigate a familiar (family) nostalgic memory response facilitating internal neural patterning sparking old emotional bond sensations to occur mentally, physically, emotionally and now all the individuals begin gradually feeling part of a whole.
Before long, they feel connected as one unit, they feel safe, trusting and emotionally high. It is within this state of connected emotional euphoria that participants feel a sense of belonging of comradeship, a motivational sense of being part of a team. In this shared experience of togetherness they will lose the armour, the venerability and they will now begin to feel a stronger sense of trust within this circle.   

We are no more than the gross matter of sound and light that is vibrating at such a low frequency it has become dense matter.


What we know of as physical form. Yet we are still very much vibrational beings of resonance, therefore we have within us the potential to literally feel emotionally connected with those around us.

Circle of Trust (Getting Connected)

"Trust creates reassurance, reassurance creates self confidence,  self confidence creates self approval, self approval creates self belief, self belief creates self empowerment, self empowerment creates fearlessness, fearlessness creates freedom, freedom creates self expression, self expression creates inspiration, an  inspiration that allows others around you the space and self permission to also be free to let go and be themselves."

Through the natural resonance of our body's biofield (electromagnetic energy field )
We literally resonate with each other. We are energetic beings made up of cellular structure consisting of trillions of tiny molecules of vibrational particles of light. These vibrating particles are called "atoms" and within these atoms are electromagnetic forces of energy called (nucleus, protons, neurons, electrons, quarks).