Conscious Awareness Exercise

Learning to look at everything  around you from a whole new perspective

Perception is everythingTitle

At Conscious Spa Camps we understand how important peoples perceptions are with regards to their everyday working atmosphere. We  know that its an important factor to take in account  in relevance to how the base their relationships, thoughts, deeds decisions and the way they intemperate the roles of other people positions.

We aim to create change 

Our aim is to help your team learn to question their personal perspective on what they believe to be the social reality surrounding them. We aim to give them the right tools to help them view the outside world from a place of compassion, peace, gratitude and respect. We aim not just to change their perception but to show them how to see through the perception of others and in doing so.................... !

Altering their perception of reality

The goggles in this image are a symbolic  visualisation for perceptual awareness  and its profound ability to help people change their perspective of both their internal and external surroundings

The Art of Perception

The art of perception is to be able to sea the hidden perfections and good within every interaction,situation that unfolds around us. Also to see the lessons that life reflects back to us via outside sources in order for us to see things for what they are. For example as in any negatively perceived situation, the very vibe of the situation that has found its way into somebody's current experience has done so to match their previous and present state of thought frequency and vibrational feeling.

Therefor the outside situation of events is showing them through obvious traits of that particular energetic/emotional expression for them to see it for what it is as for them to recognise it, is not in alignment with what they would normally want to attract,  Positive interactions! Once they recognise this and see pattern of activity for what it is (the attraction of matching resinating energy) that they magnetically receive/pull towards them as a result of their train of thought transmission. They can then decide to tune into a more positive train of thought that will go onto attract a more positive response of outside perceived activity.