The benefits of a hypnogogic light


Many functions of the human body are either consciously controlled directly by the brain / mind or unconsciously and indirectly effected by the brain / mind.  most of our daily decisions , thoughts , intentions are a direct result and knock on effect of our mental / emotional  thought patterns all of which are predetermined by our previous communications , lifestyle, environmental and internal  interactions and how they have shaped our state of mind.  

The vibratory state of our thought structures very much effects the chemical distribution that floods each and every cell of our body and the biological health aspects of our entire bodily system.

The hypnogogic  light allows us to stimulate / manipulate the neurological environment of the brain in such a way it gives the neurological pathways, a chance to sit each in their own state of statis by literally embracing them in entrancement.   each and every neural branch is quite litrely ly caught up in the aww of the moment like a rabbit in the headlights! hypnotically entrapped.   by giving each neural branch this  moment of  perceived singularity whilst at the same time stimulating them with a specific vibratory frequency it allows thought structures the time space and opportunity to reprogram , , refresh and redirect themselves.

By changing our state of mind through vibratory light frequencies we there for  also change and help the physiological / biological aspects of the body to  do exactly the same. 

The hypnogogic light is  NOT a health aid or to be used as a replacement of any means of prescribed or unprescribed medicine. It is purely for leisure / pleasure use only. 

This light is not suitable for pregnant women or anybody with epilepsy or mental health issues. 



A hypnogogic  light machine aids meditation, relaxation and states of well being by focusing high vibrational programmed frequencies through visual stimulation which is carried energetically throughout the entire body via electromagnetic cellular communication, throughout the bodies own personal biofield.

This can be experienced in a multitude of ways such as long peaceful moments of being in which one feels light blissful and content. Warm euphoric tingling sensations throughout the body, spine, hands head and feet, outstanding visualisations such as 3D coloured light and beautiful complex geometric patterns.  


                                      Meditative states of mind help with many things such as:

Anger issues 
                                                                        Stress relief
                                                                      Emotional imbalance 
                                                                        Addictions                                                                                                                                                                            Confidence
                                                                        Low self esteem