Meet The Conscious Spa Team

Paul McDonald

 Conscious Spa Camps Director

Reiki Healer

Metatherapy practitioner

Life coach / Holistic advisor

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Certified Reiki Healer, Trans-Cellular Yoga Therapist, Holistic Advisor & Life Support Coach


With 7 years of Reiki Energy Healing experience and 5 years of Metaphysical and consciousness research, Paul has a deep and complex understanding of the mechanics of life’s organic / social networking systems and how they affects us on all levels life and being mentally emotionally, physically and socially.

By incorporating all these aspects of the human experience, Paul has managed to find a fresh and original approach to address life issues problems and circumstances as to help you find health, purpose and happiness.

Gemma Jones

Reiki Healer / Holistic massage therapist

Gemma was attuned to Reiki 1 & 2 in  the year 2000 by a top Swedish Reiki master from which she then went on to study anatomy, physiology, holistic massage and sports massage techniques.

Gemma practices under the business name the Healing hub, with which she hopes to help others through Conscious Spa Camps by incorporating all these elements of  her   continual holistic  exspertise and experience.

Gemma is a keen yogic practitioner and applies this to her life with regular morning meditations and exercises on a daily basis. She has a great understanding of the profound mental and physical benefits that endure as a result of incorporating these elements of natural energetic self medicine within our daily lives .

Gemma is delighted to bring to life Conscious Spa Camps with Paul as she feels it is an important role in awakening others to a path of  inner realisation  personal growth and awareness of themselves .

Michael Van Dommelen

Conscious Empowerment Coach

Light Language Teacher 

Audio Empowerment Affirmation therapist 

Energy Healer


My name is Michael van Dommelen. I help people change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” and through holistic healing techniques. I specialise in re-designing people's personal & professional life, relationships and health. By deep listening and looking at people's beliefs and habits, the way they speak, think talk, move, breath and behave, I know what to focus on. The innate and energetic field around us is also giving a lot of information which the eye can not see.

My Mission is Connecting (with) people

To connect people to their true SELF, the people around them and to source energy, to teach people how we can heal our own body and transform our life by talking to ourself and our cells, by choosing the correct thoughts & language, feelings & emotions, learning how to breath, learning how our voice can be used to adjust the frequency of our body to the right vibration so we can heal and prevent disease illnesses stress, etc.... 

I use my god given talents, my deep calming voice, emotional intelligence, my personal experience & knowledge that I picked up along the way from many great teachers that crossed my path. Although my academic study was Marketing Management (M.B.A.), I knew from a young age that my soul purpose in life is to help & treat people.

In my treatments, I use my voice (sound & words), my thoughts & emotions, my hands and a special kind of music called binaural beats with solfeggio frequencies. My meditations & treatments are based on the latest science like EPI-GENETICS by Bruce Lipton PhD, Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, the Law of Attraction, The Biology of Belief, Physics of Consciousness, and many more....

Cheryl  Lambert

Swimming  instructor
Holistic life coach
Reiki healer 
Meditation practitione
Nutritional  vegan enthusiast & advisory

Cheryl Lambert is an a experienced Swimming Teacher who can advise on the benefits of exercise and help to improve swimming techniques, she teaches all ages from non swimmer to advanced. Cheryl has a wide experience in meditation exercises and personal experiences, of internal growth and thus has the confidence and ability to help, guide others towards creating a deeper understanding of the dynamics of their own personal consciousness / internal systematic activity, their relationship with themselves with those around them, nature and their own intuitive source of conscious energy.


Cheryl is Reiki certified and an experienced Meditator. Along with this she is enthusiastic and conscious on how to start a personal journey transition from being a meat eater to becoming vegan. Cheryl can help people to raise their awareness and enhance one’s true potential and choose healthy food they want to consciously want to cook, assisting with vegan cooking, nutrition and how to implement this into different lifestyles.


Veganism is a way of life. From 'junk food vegans' to raw food vegans, and everything in between, there's a version of Veganism to suit everyone. With this she understands the amazing  health potential and energetic properties that a good highly efficient  well balanced and well maintained vegan lifestyle can do for the positive life enhancing aspects of ones holistic health and all encompassing wellbeing.