conscious  Walking

Corporate Spa Camps offers this very graceful, very effective , very natural health inducing activity to team building groups with the motto less is more.  this particular aspect of our team building activities is much more subtle and rather less strenuous on everybody not just physically but mentally to. This part of our package is designed to help people learn the importance of stillness in motion , the amasing  health properties of  (bear foot walking) the calming and connective effects of grounding and the momentous effect it will have on your daily unconscious awareness!  this everyday normal activity will never be perceived in the same way again. There are only positives that come from this  simple but effective daily exercise such as  mental space, full bodily alignment and a sense of calmness are just some of them.

We will be holding this part of the activities in a beautiful and peaceful pine woodland environment for maximum earthing potential to unfold.

We will be incorporating a wealth of natural wisdom and knowledge on the effects of nature and its abundant healing qualities through out the duration of this activity.

           what is

conscious walking

Conscious walking is the art of walking with  conscious awareness.    When walking with awareness you begin to become more conscious of  how you body / being feels when you are walking.  Its effects on your state of mind  and your physical wellbeing .  with conscious walking you enter a state of  meditation while in motion.  during this calming process of subtle walking you naturally begin to concentrate  and focus on the way in which you walk and in doing so you  gradually become more consciously aware of  imbalances in your stature and the effects this has on your feet your hips your back and your overall physical bodily constitution. as well as your state of mind and persona   (  the way in which you feel , project yourself and hold yourself  eg : eratic , stimulative ,  calm , confidence,  etc. 

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    the benifits of

conscious walkinge Title

straighter spine

healthier feet 

healthier more balanced posture 

clearer breathing

more fluid blood flow

more effective nervous system

stronger immune system

calmer mind

more conscious / sharper awareness!

more relaxed state of being