Meditation Benefits

Medicinal Meditation
At the Positivity Centre, we understand how effective and how important meditation is in our daily lives. We know and understand that it can be used for many different and beneficial circumstances, such as calming mental chatter, emotions, anger and alleviating depression. Through regular meditational practice we allow a change in our focus, we use this time to place our awareness into our breath and bodily sensations. In doing so, our thinking/analytical minds are given less attention therefor less activity by allowing our thoughts to cease for such periods of time. We help alleviate unnecessary thought patterns that take so much of our time, energy and attention up.
This can be very important in regards to our health as most forms of illness and health depleting issues are either caused or heightened under times of stress, anxiety, anger, depression or emotional sadness.  
Each of these negative attributes are a key result of self perpetuating negative patterns of thought. So to break the pattern of thought we must train our bodies to relax, unwind and let go through the simple art of meditation.  
Also by bringing our attention to only our breath, we become more consciously focused on the regulation of it. We can begin to take notice of how heavy (rapid) or how shallow (slow) our breathing is. We can consciously begin to train or even allow our breathing patterns to naturally fall into a more balanced state of harmony, there by altering all systematic knock on effects such as blood flow, digestion and a better over all state of full bodily systematic order.

Meditational awareness within the body also help the elimination of any aches and pains that we can alleviate through allowing our body to peacefully relax and let go. Mentally related, stress activity has the neuro physical ability to send electromagnetic signals around the body, triggering muscles to contract and tighten to the point of strain and nerves to become over stimulated effecting over chemical reactions to occur acid reflux, stomach upset, headaches, muscle spasms/pains, back ache, neck ache, etc... all as a result of over active bodily functions. The same goes for general everyday physical activities that put general wear and tear on the body. This activity is not harmful for the body it actually keeps the body in chemical neural physical stimulation which is necessary for our bodies to function without stagnation. BUT we must allow our bodies the chance to go into deep retreat and rest also. This is where meditation comes into pro-active use. For in sleep rest we do not necessarily have too much control on our conscious and more so, subconscious mind which can still instigate a lot of neural pathological energetic activity that will not allow us the rest both our body and mind need of which focused meditation is able too.

Practical Meditation (Mindfullness)

 Meditation is practical in that because it allows us to give our mind the necessary space to break away from thought patterns, it also allows us the opportunity to allow productive intuitive ideas to arise from a clearer, more intelligent space of conscious creativity. Within this conscious field of space we can allow a finer, more focused positive stream of clarity to pursue as a result of fresh, unpolluted thoughts to take place and germinate within and between our previous neural thought structures. Giving us more chance to act on our positive mindsets and thought patterns/decisions once meditation time is over.  


Basically meditation helps create time and space to allow us the opportunity to shift into a higher, more creative, more efficient, more harmonic state of thought. Going onto to create that very state of emotional and mental feeling from which will then put us in the more appropriate mood and state of mind to follow through with our new found positive perceived mindset, views and ideas, creating a better more productive point of momentum to follow.