Intuitive Development Circle

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Starting Thursday 10th January 2019
               8.30pm - 10 pm


Intuitive Development Circle


Paul is going to be holding space for an intuitive development circle starting This January.


Why intuitive and not psychic?

Because it is our in-tuition we will be working with, how to listen to it more what exactly it is and what it is for!


How we can become aware of it, feel it, listen to it and ultimately work side by side with it.

The word psychic gives many people the perception of taping into a source that is giving them the communication via a guide, a spirit an other worldly being. When in fact you are the communication, you are that guide, you are that spirit, you are a multidimensional being.


Your intuition is your innate! Your consciously connected self that is connected to all other innate intuitional selves.

It is this intuitive part of yourself and other selves that is part of one grand infinite source of orchestrate conscious communication.

It is one consciousness that pervades all time and space past present and future. It knows all, It is all ,It works through us all to use us all for us all.


It constantly re-patterns itself through using us as the many parts of itself. It is the ultimate awareness the ultimate being of all life. It is the creator and the destroyer, it knows what it wants and needs and it does so through our sense of intuitive nature.


We will be using many exciting methods to help us become as fully aware of this intuitive logic as much as possible


I am the best at what I do and so are you!

Who's in ?

COST : £8


To book your spot (or for general info ) please contact me at or on 07340724841.