Holistic Soul level

energy clearing

If you acknowledge that you are a Soul having a human experience, do you feel that your path is to live an authentic, abundant life full of love, happiness and joy?


If you are not having that experience, is it possible that you are not fulfilling your full potential because you have some subconscious “low vibrational limiting beliefs” stuck in your body that stop you living the life you have always wanted to live?


One of the great ways of working at this level is with colour as colour is the language of the Soul.  Everybody understands colour whether they realise it or not because everyone has chakras. 

Colour is energy and working with energy goes very deep.  

Working with Colour


Using over 100 beautiful Colour Mirrors bottles in different ways, I work with my clients to remove those blocks to success, abundance, love and joy and the colour provides a very accurate “frequency (vibrational) reading”


Colour Readings


  • One of my specialialities is the Law of Attraction and helping clients to establish why they are not attracting what they wish for.  It’s all a matter of sending out the right frequency for the Universe to match and sometimes we are not really aware what we are sending out as its subconscious.  A colour reading is a great way to instantly identify the block/s that are in the way of that attraction.    I read colour, energy and fields and together with your bottle choice, we can identify together exactly what’s going on. 


To try a free colour reading, follow this link:  https://priscillaelliott.co.uk/free-colour-reading/

Colour Sessions


  • This is where you chose colour bottles and create a pattern out of them.  I interpret the pattern and colours and again we can see what’s going on with your vibration.  Your vibration changes all the time according to how you feel but we can see in the pattern and colour what you as a Soul already knows.  All that’s happening in the session is that it’s coming up into your conscious awareness.  Once we can see what the issue is, it can be very quick and easy to remove the energetic block. 


Life Coaching with Colour


  • This type of session is great if you had an aim in your life but feel you would like support and guidance in terms of how to achieve it.  Again, working with the beautiful Colour Mirrors bottles, I will ask you to map out your goal and also where you see yourself now.   When you see life in this way – it’s very easy to see what to do and where to go next on your journey in order to achieve what you would love in your life!


Life path reading


  • This is a great session to have if you would like to compare your life path with your partner’s.  In the reading, I use both numerology and colour to show you the vibration you are sending out to the Universe of what you came into this life to experience / clear and your gifts and potential in this life too.   You also see your name in colour and this type of analysis can be very useful if you are either thinking of changing your name or wondering what to call your business.

Reiki with Colour


  • One of the great ways of working with colour is using it with Reiki.  Putting some colour bottles on or around you in a star grid amplifies the energy fields in and around your body and also hugely amplifies the Reiki session as well.  As well as using the bottles for the expansion of your energy field, I also bring in certain colours to evoke and support certain energy flows within the body. 


Chakra clearing and balancing


  • This is a wonderfully relaxing session where I would place colour bottles on your chakra points and re-balance your whole energy system.  Usually this involves clearing energy blocks within the body and field from an energetic and physical level and can if the client chooses involve talking about any issues or insights that arise during the session. 


You can see more information on my colour sessions here: https://priscillaelliott.co.uk/colour-sessions/



Working with Reiki


  • Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience.  So if you are feeling stressed, concerned, worried or in fear – this is a wonderful session to have where you can simply relax (and sleep if you wish) whilst enjoying the beautiful flow of energy moving around your body.  Again, as with the other energy techniques Reiki is a quick way of dissolving unwanted blocks in your energy system, your physical body and emotional blocks too.  So enjoy the experience of amplified light boosting your energy flow…..especially if we are also working with colour and those lovely colour bottles!

Re-birth sessions / Regression / Past Lives


  • If you are finding that you have done a lot of clearing over the years but you are still stuck, the chances are that a stuck previous life might have something to do with it.  Previous life memories hold exactly the same patterning that you will be experiencing in your current life but perhaps you can’t quite get to the bottom of what’s going on currently.  By identifying and freeing a past life “ECHO”, you unhook also at the same time what the blockage is in your current life experience. 


  • Another very powerful session is a re-birth session where you get the opportunity to remove any blocks connected with when you came into this world and literally be “born again” with more excitement, joy, love and happiness about your journey ahead.


Whatever your block or issue, there are a number of tools that could be applied to be of service to you and before any session goes ahead, I would invite you to contact me for a free consultation in order to establish what you would like to work on and which session may suit you best. 


Whilst I work as an energy worker in one to one sessions, I’m also a Colour Teacher / Trainer, a Reiki Master/Teacher and EFT Master Trainer too so if you were drawn to become a Practitioner yourself please see here: https://priscillaelliott.co.uk/workshops-training-courses/


I also run lots of workshops on Raising Vibration, the Law of Attraction Manifestation and the subconscious (which are my speciality areas). 


If you have any queries or interested in any of the above sessions please contact me on 07540 532259 / smile@priscillaelliott.co.uk or have a look at my website www.priscillaelliott.co.uk


I look forward to being of service to you.

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Working with EFT


  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is another amazing tool that can be used for instant relief of negative emotions. 


  • Tapping around various points on the face, collar bone and hand/finger points – blocked energy is quickly shifted and experienced during the session.   I love this technique as it’s very quick and easy to use and can be used in various ways to create more peace and harmony in situations, it’s great for releasing stress, for gaining a more positive outlook and for permanently releasing energy blocks in the way of abundance and authenticity. 


I use EFT often in combination with colour as it involves working with both the chakra system and meridian lines; two of the three key aspects of the energy body. 
For more information on my EFT sessions, click here:  https://priscillaelliott.co.uk/eft-sessions/
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