Health Benefits Of Music

& Dancing

Frequency : The Science of Sound
At Conscious Spa Camps we realise the healing benefits of Sound, Frequency and Music. How it is a vital tool in helping the human body on all levels of being, to relax, invigorate, heal and create overall good and healthy vibrations. After all, we ourselves are vibrational energetic beings and we are all physically formed by atomic matter (atoms are made up of particles of vibrational light). There are many youtube videos out there to give you much information as to the science and natural medicinal benefits of sound, cymatics and the sacred geometry of vibrational frequencies.
Health Benefits of movement and Dancing

We also understand the great benefits of movement and dance as a moment which allows us to let go, release tension, forget about all our worries, questions, trials and tribulations. When listening to music, we are put directly into the magic of the moment. It is in this space that the vibration of the music goes where it is supposed to, regarding the alternative networking systems of our body, be it physically, mentally and emotionally. It has the power to shift old stagnant energy within our blood stream, our nervous system, our neural pathology and much much more. Simply by the force of vibrational force as well as emitting the frequency of  the many different levels of sound that help produce or increase vital chemical reactions within our body's make up as to allow us to retune our entire being.

Moving is the bodies way of increasing, accelerating and transporting all these many different forms and structures of energy and vibration around our entire living, breathing an working system. Light, sound, movement, vibration, frequency, electromagnetic, geometry, cymatics, energy matter are all without a drought the key ingredients and elements that are behind the essence and mechanics of all life and are the predecessors and predeterminators that come before any physical element of life. Without the prior elements being around we would not have any form of physicality to work with in the first place so it is vitally important to understand that in order to have physical health and happiness we first need to address and harmonise the energetic qualities of ourself.
Those elements of us that are the underlying format behind all that you currently know, see and experience as physical being.