Gentle-Man's Club

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Starting Thursday 24th January 2019
               8.30pm - 10pm

Every Last Thursday of the Month

A Monthly meeting group for heart based men.

Paul is holding regular space / circles for men who are ready to embrace their feminine attributes. What some may call devine feminine this Term after all is not a physical attribute but a spiritual / vibrational state of being belonging to both men and women.

( shaman / she - man / feminine -masculine qualities combined in balance / healer, helper, teacher ) 

For far too long men have been led to believe they must act a certain way and live a certain masculine perceived lifestyle. 

Heavy drinking, fighting, particular sports, porn star mindset, bikes /cars , hard labour jobs, the big balls business guy, competition, body building, jack the lad, geezer, rude boy, king of the barbecue, meat eating ( man v's food ) and so on.............


As a result many men suffer with depression, anger issues, resentment, suicidal tendencies, fights, alcohol abuse, lack of heart, Avoidance of true identity / self expression, self creativity, self love, expressing love, expressing their feminine qualities / nature, bad parenting cycles, imbalanced parenting / conditioning , etc etc................

And many women suffer as a result of our current state of being.

In a world so screwed up by masculine power plays, we seriously need to start remembering our softer, caring, loving, playful, creative, artistic, expressive sides a lot more. 

We need to show our sons softness, compassion. 
We need to embrace them for how they are born not how male society tells them to be or act.
We need to re - educate ourselves on personal power and sexual control. 
We need to take back our physical urges and redirect our hormonal power supplies into not just creating physical sensations / desires/ babies but using them to feed/create a healing and harmonious atmosphere for our future society to thrive in.

We need to use our masculine strength, to hold a space, an attitude, a belief system, a moral intuitive loving internal guidance system that prevents the self perpetuating culture of porn, sex addiction, ego, pride, fear, retaliation, brute force, sexual trauma , rape, warfare, murder, addictions, suicide, depressions, prostitution, alcohol dependency, lack of creative / self expression and on the list goes. 

When Women feel we are ready to embrace them, love them, respect them, work with them from a pure heart then they can feel vulnerable, safe and secure with us, and us them.
Then we can both find the space to let our guards down and become a team and work as one. Then logic / intuition - wisdom / knowledge - science / art can be fully embodied in harmony in both women and men as was it always designed to be. 

MEN! are you ready to become a shaman ( she -man ) and allow your intuitive heart to take more control. 

Are you ready to Be a real man gain your inner strength and be strong enough to express who YOU really are.

If you are interested or know a man that may be interested then please do share this message / post with them. 

What to expect during the session:

- Holistic Coaching and Advisory / Group Meditation / Group Healing / Regular Discussions / Team Building Activities 


COST :  £8


Address :

Positivity Centre

Burnham Plants,
Nashdom lane
SL1 8NJ  



Email :
phone: 07340724841