(Restorative Movement Classes)

      Starting in September from  7pm - 8pm

Feeling stressed? Suffering from back pain? Not feeling as young as you used to be?

Come try out our restorative movement class to put you back on top of the world again. It's a relaxing gentle class using the Feldenkrais method, it has some similarities to a gentle yoga class but is more organic and exploratory. It is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness as long as you can get down to the floor and back up again (with help if needed, it's not a test!).


Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in and some layers and get ready for some serious relaxation.


This is a short course that will introduce you to the method and leave you feeling better than you have in years. Three weekly sessions for £25. Places must be pre-booked via email to ellen@patternsofmovement.co.uk

There are some reduced fee places for people suffering with long term health conditions or chronic pain, please contact Ellen for details at ellen@patternsofmovement.co.uk

There is some more information on the website here:

What is Feldenkrais?


Good question isn’t it? Feldenkrais is much better experienced in person than described on paper, but if you’ve never been to a class or had a one-to-one session here is some idea of what to expect, courtesy of the Feldenkrais Guild UK:
Feldenkrais is a way to re-educate the body’s movement patterns using subtle but powerful combinations of movements to access and change the years of habits that comprise our normal posture and way of using ourselves. Group classes are called Awareness through Movement classes and are generally mat based lying on the floor, although some classes take place in sitting, standing and walking. The movements in the classes help students to discover easier and more efficient ways of moving, which can indirectly provide increased strength or range of movement without having worked to build muscles or to stretch them.

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