Intuitive Movement 

(Contorting, Twisting, Exaggerating, Stretching, Releasing)

Corporate Spa Camps twists and expressions -

This is one of our corporate spa favorites. Team building activity is without a doubt and most definitely one of our most fun filled and laughter inducing activities so far. Corporate Spa Camps knows what is necessary to help people individually and collectively achieve great self and group expression dynamics and it ames to do this in the most out of character way as possible.

We can assure you that absolutely nobody in your workforce after this expressional exercise will ever feel shy and introverted ever again. The beauty of this Corporate Spa experience is that it is not just complete fun and a barrel of laughs but their is also a deep well induced sense of releasement and lack of fear that follows as a direct result of letting go of the need to take yourself so seriously in future life scenarios creating only great positive results that would like wise need days of motivational coaching to occur. The health and beneficial results are also a great reason to make this activity a top on any team building events activity!