Drumming Circle 

Creating group harmonics

A  fun  creative drumming  experience which  uses the co-interaction  of rhythmic beats to explore the  potential of team magic. Adaptivity, creativity, collaboration, receptivity and  group harmonics (pardon the pun!),  allowing  a  group to work together in a fun, feel good atmosphere.

What does  team drumming offer ?

Team drumming offers a wide range of fun and potential opportunities such as great team workmanship, positive emotional interplay and a chance to beat out all them  negative accumulated emotions  through the banging of a drum.




The benefits of drumming are endless. Drumming has a very addictive trance like quality to it, that helps take the brain away to a place of instantaneous repetition. It allows the persons attention to be sidetracked giving them the chance to let go of the analytical mind.

This is a beautiful state to achieve for people who suffer with over productive though patterns.

It gives their mind the freedom to begin creating brief but effective moments of space between the mental mind chatter. This alone gives the neurological components of the brain the chance to reprogramme itself, aiding many psychological issues such as ocd, anxiety, depression, stress  and many more...

(Neurological connections of the brain at all times creating  re-membering  and re-wiring  the neural pathways of thought communication  within the mind)

Drumming is a great way towards creating a positive group atmosphere. It brings out the child within everyone! There is something naughty and fun about banging a drum that everybody finds hard to avoid, especially that quick little tap when there is a moment of  pure silence.

The sight of cheeky little faces smiling eyes glinting nothing more spontaneous and childlike than  the group atmosphere of a drumming circle.

There is an infectious like feeling that seems to naturally fall upon us when a drum is put within our hands. Maybe its that rhythmic beat of the heart that naturally reverberates through our very being that pulls us into the beat. Either way we all have one and we all feel that fun heartfelt unification that is aroused within the dynamics of a group  drum circle.     


The whole package of drumming is by far one of the most organic, arcane and primal human urges that has  been revered since human kind began. The hypnotic tones and trance inducing frequencies somehow seem to be able to take us on an inner journey of sense relaxation, while also producing within us a state of blissful stimulation that creates a feeling of joy, calm and euphoria.