Corporate  Consultations

Conscious Consultations

we live in a world wide system that is predominatly about money. i understand that their is this mindset that money is what makes the world go round . i personal believe this does not need to be the case but lets not get off the matter at hand. the problem is not money itself it is the obsession with it. the wrongful distribution and perception with it . it is the unnesrcary greed that people perceive is what they need to be happy. we are conditioned to be independent think for ourselves do better then everybody else be successful have the big house the flash new cars and so on. but to what cost is this. the world is consciously / energetically atomically connected, it is financialy , economicly , ecologically, systematically connected. all our actions decisions and even our thoughts effect each other day in and day out. this being the case would it not be advisible , ethical self sustainible logical and more importantly moral to think want and act in accordance with working towards a collective state of happiness progress and betterment. how many people out there now are successful ver rich coaches ,consultants and mentors. how many of these coaches got rich out of consulting big corperate firms. big corporate firms that when looked further into are creating a world wide system of unhealthy lifestyles. consulting marketing departments on how to best subconsciously manipulate peoples psycology into buying big brands of sugar ridden salt infested calorie high preservitive packed chemically enhanced groceries that are constantly increasing in price due to the very same type of monetary mind based coaching advise and consultations that are being given to major oil / feul cartels. that produce the feul for major corporations to move their goods and supplies about. for now their price has increased to make them more richer and more succesful . the knock on effect of somebody els's financial gains and successes are phenomanal this happens all over the world with many industries with the exact same mindset and intention GREED! and ignorance and lack of wholistic logic. the problem with this kind of non wholistic approach to business this systematic global networking of interactions we know as economics is what you would call stabing yourself in the foot. going full circle ! creating something or sponsoring something that through continous wide spread systematic knock on effects ends up coming back round through events that have no rrelevance to your original actions but come back through a particular situation to knock you on your ass all as a byproduct of the effect your past interactions had on other elements of society effecting the whole of which you are connected to . its simple logic. people are acting on greedy impulsive self satisfying intentions that are destined in the long rn to implode due to the very nature of disimbalance. if only they realisied that they could feel just as rich powerful and successful and even more so if they took the road of holistic consideration. they are limiting themselves ! they are energetically and consciously stuck in a self perpetuating distasteful unpracticle lifestyle of mindset conditioning that aims to keep controll and and power in consistentcy for what? and we help sponsor this activity by being drawn into the whole monetary means happiness selfish illusion. what would make you feel happier more content and more settled with your conscience . making sure you feed a fake sense of happiness having the latest porch or knowing you have cut your prices and settled for something less extravagant to make sure you have helped other people achieve the chance to live beyond simply surviving. for then your example your real sense of happiness and selfless behaviour will be seen for what it is and inspire all you have social economical liaisons with and it would help them again do the same .creating a ripple effect of such behaiour and events to eventually spread globally until through out the wider spectrum of the collective consciousness thoughtfulness ,mindful awareness equality and harmony will be the pervading stream of in-teraction. with this being said conscious consultations concept involves not just coaching programs but life enhansment questioning and systematic awareness training . we aim to not jus tot teach you about success and how to achieve it but to question your very perception of it to help give you a deeper sense of awareness and understanding to allow you to observe and comprehend the importance of your individule participation inspiration and effect on others can do and will have upon the enviroment around you and how best you can realise , fine tune and implement your intuitive gifts towards the betterment of a holistic based society that serves to enrich the whole in all areas . of life .emotionaly mentaly economicly, ecologically empathicly socially and consciously intuitivly