Conscious Spa Theory  

Scientific / Metaphysical Description


All  life is consciousness Consciousness, is a source of living breathing intelligence that works through an organic process of  activity constructed by energetic building blocks labeled in scientific terminology as matter, platonic solids, quarks, particles, atoms. 

These various components of reality are all forms of energetic vibrations, electromagnetic fields of frequency resonance formulated in such a way as to create physical matter (life)   The smallest ( micro organisms )  and the biggest ( macro organisms )  are all consciously and energeticly interconnectd through a grand  organic self perpetuating process all  using the same attributes the same mathmatical formular ( fibbinati code)  



Religious / Spiritual Description

All life is  consciousness ,consciousness is the mind of god   an intelligent expression of the devine infinate living breathing   source of spirit  that is  formed through the will of gods devine plan.    a   mystical state of exsistence that cannot be explained but only felt and exsperienced as oneness.   a loving state of  aw wonder and beuty  where all life is felt as one unified source of devine expression in form.  with physical realms of existence and non physical realms of existence.  it is in these non physical realms of existence that god uses its very own celestial body   of spirit  to manipulate  the many aspects of itself through  sycronistic  events ,actions and situations  it is said that god spirit has seperated its form into many components of being.  that a part of gods spirit has formed itself as a group of creative beings  known as angles ,  it is said that these angles that are of gods  spirit itself  are entities of energetic  archytypes that are composed of love and light ( the essence of god )  it is these very beings that orchestrate gods will  to us through spiritual  (conscious)   communication. This communication  speak to us and guides us through what we perceive to be our intuition , logic, gut instincts and  sense of feelings.


If both  descriptions  are to be compared  it could be said that they are very similar in the way both accounts describe a process of activity   of which both compose of  a creative source  with creative componants  of which basicly are no more then a simple change in language lables and teminology.  either way of looking at it  both end up creating the same end result !  what one calls god another calls consciousness what one calls platonic solids , another calls angels   what one calls  fibbinacti code the other calls gods finger print.  to be honest when looked at logicly  both desciptions  are  2 of the same thing just described and explained in 2 different ways.     

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