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 conscious spa camp coaching and training school . at conscious spa camps we understand that we on our own can in no way what so ever come no where near to helping as many people find their consciously intuitive self on our own. we know how important it is for our vision and that of others to help them not only learn to help them selves but to also giv the the chance the train and the tools as for themselves to get up and running their own personal conscious spa class / sessions. so we have made this vision possible by turning conscious spa camps into a liscenced franchise that enables others to use our expertise our brand our continouse support and online resources to help them achieve their own conscious spa business. we will give full training and full usage of consious spa paraphenalia for just 1O percent Of their weekly profits. this 10 percent will be deducted of 2 percent each weak to ensure conscious spa camps regularly donate a percentage of the profits to a complimentary healing charity relief from pain that will subsequently be used to pay healing therapists world wide to assist in healing practices in homes of the elderly hospitals and hospices. they will be also using donational funding to help train people in third world enviroments and less fortunate parts of the world in the healing arts of energy based medicin as to help assist in the oval benefit of human kind as much as potentially possible.