Conscious Spa Corporations

Conscious spa camps is fully aware of the need for big changes in the public perception of health and wellbeing and there for wishes to help bridge the importance of that which is seen as altenative medicine with that which is widely known as mainstream medicine. the truth of the matter is is that both are equally of importance and that we must incorperate both sides of the aspects of medicine both physical and energetic to ever begin to achieve the best most ideal outcome of personal and collective health and wellbeing as possible. the words holistic & alternative is an understatement we must now really begin to join the 2 fields of medicinal expertise as under the term integrative health and medicine. with logical observation enquiry and understanding the basis of complimentary medici is ultimately not just to help aid the core issues behind the manifestation of illness but essentially to act as form of premedicinal activity that strives to eliminate even the very mindfulness of illness by incorporating a systematic indoctrination of healthy living wholistic advise and everyday harmonic practice's to bring the correlation of the human body and mind into a state of constant equilibrium at all times.

we fully understand the systematic relationship between lifestyle , mindset, and its undeniable role on health and wellbeing. they are must fundamentally intwined and interconnected to such a degree we literally need to re- educate re- habilitate and re-coordinate peoples belief systems , habits, preconcepptions , and preoccupations as to help create real progressive results in peoples state of well being.

of personal and professional state of affairs and wellbeing!

at conscious health operations we have designed a well formulated team structure of specific health and wellbeing individuals all certified in their particular fields of expertise to help support the continual thriving existence of your company workforce through a very well thought out and systematic approach to individually and collectively supporting the health and wellbeing of each and every individual under your current employment. we will help them understand the relevance of a well balanced investement of social activities and a better choice of good natural positive healthy and harmonic activity within their time and leisure! All of the above will not only help aid their own personal development but will also help re-define the best of their intellectual , social and emotional response' abilities within the enviroment around them which will only go to serve their highest woking potential , a healthier mindset will undoughbtably create a healthier choice of life style of which will eventually limit the amount off potential illness they would normaly endure on a yearly basis not only aiding their own state of health and wellbeing but assuring their quality of work and their overall attendance which means less sickdays more efficiency and even better prospects for their company of employment as a whole . everyone is a winner in health in finance and in all .

how do we aim to achieve this what is our team strategy?  

our team will be attending each corporate premises

on a 3 monthly basis coordinating a personal 121 integrative health check with each individual as well as instigating therapeutic healing programmes into practice.

this continuous intermediate activity will ensure that we are able to energetically access advise and induct / conduct our expertise in a consistent manner as to help keep each individual in a constant state of healthy holistic constitution. not only will we be helping on such a interfaced level but also through continuous set out individual online personal programs. this package falls in line with our conscious spa life enhancement programmewe will assist each person on achieving a continuos momentum of positive health results by giving them a whole host of support advice and lifestyle coaching expertise with the help of life enhansement team unit comprising of a wide range of health and wellbeing practitioners . each person will have their very own bespoke programme set up online as for them to keep in touch with each and every therapeutic practitioner / teacher /mentor. each individual involved will be invited to attend daily online classes 6 DAYS out of the week to help assist them them on achieving the best possible results possible in their daily life