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What is ce-11 

Ce-11  stands for conscious encounters of  the 11th kind  -  As to experience  the universal  truth  and quantum physics of reality  that is  inner space.  A space feild continuem that is based on mathmatical  ratios of Fibonacci sequences not seperate forms of creative physical matter  A science of quantum mechanics that is based on a self realisation of ones  natural state of non corporeal existence.  a state of being that knows  their are no true boundaries  between both internal micro and external macro space atmosphere's , A state of being that knows all life is intrinsicly intertwined at a conscious vibrational level.  A state of being  that knows itself to be a multidimensional energetic omnipresence with the entirety of the conscious field of all forms of existence... A state of being that knows it can directly experience different quantum dimensions of time and space internally through extra-sensory states of awareness. A state of organic connectivity in which all living energetic being and matter is of one collective consciousness . A consciousness of all that is. That being all life

what is space 

Space is the very essense of all life.  an invisible field of conscious intelligence that ultimatly has no true known origins and no true end to it.  it is but an infinate source.   it simply is a very intricate  web of  being..  it appears to have and hold  form yet equally at the very same time  when investigated  it is still but full of empty space..  science has itself indicated that an atom changes depending on the observer. there for what is real is but no more then a perceptual illusion.  that in itself is very much an oxymoron.  for it is based on an observation.   we can never really prove what being real is or is not.  we simply perceive what we believe to be an organic matrix of  various systematic counterparts.  yet we can never really prove  what is external or internal due to the very notion of an atom changing depending on the observer.    with this being the case their lies a very mysterious incomprehensible paradox to the very nature of all life.   it simply is an infinate feild of being that is of one being , One being that by its very own nature of desighn Is  energeticly interceptible in terms of its own conscious feild dynamics / mechanics.   it can and does continuosly communicate  to through and with itself through out all time and space.  it must ! in order to function the way it does . it is with out a dougbt the most  untangible intelligence of all being ever... 

in terms of  the fibonacci ratio that encompasses all so called physical properties of our internal and external enviroment we see that all life is of a macro micro state of reality  that there is no true state of seperation but only differing scales of the very same  feild of  sequenced existence and that all that is part of this existence can in an energetic terms consciously intereact as one feild should could and does..  this in fact goes to show that both humans at the sub atomic level and interstella space both have the conscious capability to hold and interact energeticly  the very same space.  there for we hold within us all the very  same original blueprint of all existence within our  perceived seperate beings.   we not only can communicate with all time and space we are in fact the very source of time and space ourselves.  we. do not recieve communication from source we are source communication and we can very much learn to tap into any aspect of our source.  outerspace lifeforms are in essense but energetic physical extentions of our conscious self.  

we are space dust

We are all made up of space dust..  the very same living cosmic microgerms / vibrational intelligence  that formed all  physical and all non physical life  through out the entire known cosmos .   we there for all hold what you could call a universal mix of cosmic keys / files / data / dna / genology . a living library of  intergalic interdimensional energetic petry dishes held and stored within our very being.   it should in theory be possible for us to be able to activate and vibrationally attune into any and all so called  externalised but energetic  extraterestrial  multidimensional  /alien life forms within and without  all spheres of time and space . this is what is known as the akashic field.  the ether , the cosmic feild of infinate omnipresent consciously connected creative  intelligence. 

       why 11 

      1.1  mirror  as above so below 11 pillars.  gateway.  stargate.