At Conscious Spa Camps we realise that absolutely everyone has something they need to talk about wether it be sharing an idea, sharing a problem, asking for advice or simply having a friendly chat.
We understand that by talking to strangers we can sometimes feel more free to open up about problems in our own private lives, things that we can not really express to those closer friends around us for many reasons but mostly because of the tendency to gossip.
The advantage of speaking to strangers is that they do not have any agenda with you, any necessity with you or any reasons to judge you as they themselves have no personal ties with you so all that is said and spoken about can be expressed and listened to from a neutral perspective.
People who are not tied to you in any way emotionally can have a clearer viewpoint  as to help give you advice as they have nothing to gain out of your personal dilemmas. They have nothing to prove and most of all they have no one around that you both know on a personal basis to help share your so called gossip with. They, like you, have the perfect opportunity to give good stable advice or understanding from a balanced neutral understanding.
Another good thing about talking is it helps the individual release anythingthat they maybe holding of which they need to let go off. Sometimes simply by sharing and talking to someone about your issues or problems helps in itself as to help you shift stagnated energy, thoughts and personal self created opinions about yourself allowing you to breath and make space for something new to come up or step into take its place.
Who knows maybe by sharing your thoughts the other person may provide you with an answer that can help you change your own perspective on matters to a positive one.
The Benefits of Talking to Strangers
 It is also a great advantage in talking to strangers as to make new acquaintances,  new future friendships and to give you the opportunity to learn more and find out more about fresh concepts different outlooks that you may never get, recieve or hear from your usual circle of friends.
You may find you meet the right people with the right answers that you need to help you move your life in a more positive direction as they say “its not what you know, its who you know”.  
You can also use the opportunity to sell yourself, your business, your franchise, your services, your interests and much much more all by having the opportunity to meet new people and build up your own networking skills. At Conscious Spa Camps we have a saying  “All strangers are future friends you just haven’t met/spoke to yet”.