Conscious spa pool

Aqua Meditation pool


Water based meditation classes 

More and more people are finding themselves caught in the fight for survival going along with the rat race mindset. More and more people are trying to find the most efficient ,effective quickest way possible to find instant peace of mind through a wide range of meditational classes.

Look no further and come along to Conscious Spa Pool  combining ambient etherial soundscapes with tranquil mood lighting and free floating buoyancy for the ultimate feeling of blissful freedom.

We will supply specially designed neck/head floats that literally allow you to simply submerge yourself into the water and let go with complete  freedom.  The beauty of this meditation is the sense of weightlessness, it provides  giving you the chance to float freely and upright as if suspended in space.


with a  guided spoken meditation we  will help seduce you the listener into a state of mind that invokes the perception of being  one with your enviroment  you will not be in the water you shall sensually and mindfully feel that you are the water.  free flowing . being at peace. you shall leave the session feeling loose free and wonderfully relaxed