Aerial Yoga 

       Every Monday from  12.30pm - 13.30pm

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''As well as guiding the practise of experienced students, I love helping newbies begin their journey and build those essential starting foundations, both physically and mentally. My role as a yoga teacher is not only to guide a physical practise, but to work with my students to help them find balance in life.'' Jo Jackson

About the Event

Why Aerial Yoga?

- Beginners, those with injuries or who are less mobile can use the swing for stability throughout their practise

- Those with yoga experience can add a new challenge to their practice

- Decompress the spine - great for tension, stress or those with back issues

- Savasana in the hammock cocoon is a truly unique experience

- Swinging upside down is fun!


Level : All levels                                        
Cost: £12 Booking is essential

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