Conscious Spa Community invite you to get involved, they want to share with you a vibrant and energizing atmosphere, where you can learn how to release any tension and negative energy in the most positive and natural way.Through their many years of experience with energy field work, they bring to you an educating, fun and social gathering.


we will help guide you through regular Meditation, helping you to achieve inner peace in a world of hype and tension! You will have the opportunity to relax, breathe and learn the skill of meditation. Through having regular sessions you will be accountable for your practice and will certainly feel a big improvement in your everyday life, learning how to apply the skill of mindfulness into your daily routine.

Conscious Spa Camps take you on a journey of self discovery, helping you to release any tension, tone up and loose weight, with our end of the session fun and interactive Dance expression This part of the session will certainly boost your moral, and send endorphines swimming around the body, it releases serotin in the body known as the happy drug, you will dance in a non-conforming way and shake it all out. (Ensuring you get your doctors consent if needed, like with any other form of exercise!)

Then we offer  Walk & Talk conscious spa sessions if any body is interested in taking their Buddha boot camp out into the elements.  This will also give you the opportunity to share anything you have on your mind or would like to discuss that you feel may lead to good advice and maybe even help you plus others  gain answers  views and opinions to any questions problems or situations that might be occurring in your everyday life. Feel free to share, talk or simply listen.

Why not use Conscious Spa Camps to help you meet new people create new friendships while at the same time  giving you the perfect opportunity to help you  build your own  networking opportunities  regarding business hobbies interests or simply to socialise with like minded souls.